Соло для балалайки

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Solo Pieces for Balalaika
Описание: Большей частью русские народные:
Melody & In the Garden...
Etude; Melody
On the Green Medoy
in the Field
In the Pine Grove
Visit Me My Friend
Little Polka
Over the Little Bridge
I will go
The Little Drake
I'll Scatter My Woes
Ukrainin Folk Song
Shall You Be Taught
My Porch
I Danced with a Mosquito
I am sitting on a rock
Ural Mountain Dance
Listen, Fellows
Young Maiden
By Our Gate
The Ditch; All Godmothers Left for Home
Beyond the Swift River
We Were not Friendly
Slovakian Dance Song
The Thing Rowan Tree
Young Bride
Golden Taiga
Autumn Leaves
Where is My Garden?
Volga Melodies
There are Many Paths
Oh, Ye Mists...
Over the Green Meadow
Home Sickness
Do Not Cry, Little Quail
Ural Comedy Song
Ural Rowan Tree
Moscow's Windows
Moscow Evenings
All Roads are Open to Us
Sad Willow Trees
Our Country
She Said Nothing
How Nice it is all around
Moscow Waltz
The Berry
Scene from a Ballet
The Dnieper Roads and Moans
I met You
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